Just in time for Halloween...
The Nashville Ballet, together with the Nashville Chamber Orchestra, presents The Bell Witch, featuring "sets" by Gerald Marks that are actually digital 3-D projections.

Choreography by Ann Marie DeAngelo
Original music by Conni Ellisor

The pictures require anaglyph 3-D glasses for true stereoscopic viewing. You need a red lens over the left eye and a blue/green lens on the right. I design and manufacture all kinds of 3-D glasses (20,000,000 + to date) If you send me a stamped self addressed envelope, I'll be happy to send you a pair.

Gerald Marks, PullTime 3-D Laboratories, 29 West 26 Street, New York,
NY 10010-1005
(212) 889-5994, FAX (212) 889-5926, PullTime3D@aol.com

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