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Theater & Dance - The Bell Witch

Around the middle of the 19th Century, the very years in which the legend of the Bell Witch developed, came the invention of photography, the popularity of the parlor stereoscope and the first use of slide projection. Early on, photographers invented techniques to photograph ghosts. Today, we may call this "trick photography" but many people believed this "spirit photography" to be real. The 3-D images of the ghost in this production were made using a combination of Nineteenth Century photographic techniques and the latest digital technology.

The stereoscopic photography for this production was done by Gerald Marks using a 50 year old camera that is a 35 mm version of the glass-plate stereo cameras used in the 1800s to produce the popular stereo views of the day. People enjoyed these stereo views the same way we enjoy television today. Stereoscopic lantern-slide projection using red and blue-green glasses was invented and also used then but was barely practical. For the Bell Witch today, Jerry used digital data projectors for slide transitions and animations.

The invention of photography, together with the reflecting telescope, made it possible to view the moon close-up and stereoscopically for the first time. Stereo views of the moon were widely distributed. All of the moon images seen in this production are from the 19th century and are from Jerry's personal collection. They are stereoscopic because as the moon orbits the earth it does a little "dance" known as libration in which it tips slightly more to one side or the other. When you see the moon in 3-D you are actually looking at the moons of two different months with your two eyes!

Most of the pictures below require anaglyph 3-D glasses for true stereoscopic viewing. Find out how to obtain your free pair of 3-D glasses in the FAQ section.


Scary Barn

Ghost Dance I

Ghost Dance II

3-D Glasses

Ghost Dance III

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