Q. Are you related to...

A. This Gerald Marks is NOT related to Gerald Marks the beloved American composer ("All of Me") who passed away in the spring of 1997 at the age of 96. Likewise, this Gerald is NOT related to Alvin & Mortimer Marks, the controversial inventors of several 3-D technologies. My late uncle always insisted that we are distantly related to Groucho, Harpo, Chico & Zeppo but, alas, proof is lacking.

Q. The anaglyph (red/blue) pictures on this site would be great for television, why don't you do that?

A. The present system of television broadcast produces color pictures by adding color information to what is essentially a black and white picture. The pictures on this site would look awful if you tried to use them in a TV broadcast.

Q. But you do lots of 3-D television?

A. Yes but, all of my 3-D TV work uses my PullTime 3-D system which is based on motion and time delay.

Q. Can I see your 3-D TV work on this web site?

A. Not really, the web can not yet handle images in motion well enough for that. There are a few frames of my 3-D TV images adapted into anaglyph on this site.

Q. So you need to have one system of 3-D for TV and a different one for computers and print?

A. Exactly!

Q. Some anaglyph glasses are red/green and some are red/blue; what's the difference?

A. Both kind will work for this site but the red/blue will give you better color. The "blue" lens actually passes just about as much green light as a green lens but it also passes blue light. When people see both blue and green light together they call it "blue". Pure blue light is rarely seen or used except for certain technical processes.